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BWH offers her first free online training for the year 2023 to help you start or advance your career skills. No enrolment fees are attached, it is 100% free. You, or someone you know, might find this interesting and beneficial. Please do well to share.

Free Online Training

What skill do you wish to learn, and why do you want to learn this skill?

How to Qualify For The Free Online Training: Strictly adhere to the rules, please.

  1. Tell us the skill you wish to learn, and why you want to learn the skill (you may do a short video of not more than 1 minute to communicate this on Facebook or send your response in texts via the contact info link in number three)
  2. Post the video on Facebook and Tag @bwhltd
  3. Send your contact info here

Registration ends on 31th January 2023. You will be contacted on how to proceed with your free training if you are selected.

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